Thursday, May 1, 1975

In the Beginning...

This is a picture of me in my dad's car, a 1965 MG Midget, in Sussex, WI sometime in 1975.  I'm 3 years old.

My dad bought this car, on a trailer and in boxes, for $300. He almost got rid of it, because Mom said "put it together or get rid of it!"

My parents drove this car to Atlanta and had to come back early because my grandpa had a stroke.  On the way back, the engine would cut out and then fire back up, over and over.  They drove for hundreds of miles that way... turns out it was a bad condenser.

My parents drove this car in good weather and bad, and at one point it was our only running vehicle.  My brother and I were stuffed in the "back seat" (parcel shelf) while my mom drove us to the grocery store and back... NO WAY would that ever happen today!

Once we moved to Wautoma, Something Bad happened and the Midget got parked in the back of the garage.  My brother and I used to pretend to drive it.  We moved it to my grandmother's garage for storage, but when she died we moved it back to our house.  I remember watching the road through what should have been the driver's floorboards on the way back home.
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