Saturday, May 16, 2020

A (Not Too) Painful Extraction

A friend of mine came over and gave me a hand pulling the engine and transmission out of Gidget.  Thanks, Dave!

This wasn't actually that bad.  The part that hurt the most was draining $30 of MT-90 from the transmission, that looked brand new.  There was a little bit of collateral damage, but nothing that a bit of paint can't clear up.

I bought a shop crane and leveler, which made the job much easier.  I had to jack up the front of the car since the crane wouldn't fit under the front spoiler--it was much less painful to jack things up than to remove the spoiler.  I didn't need to jack it up as far as I did, so I'll find an alternate for when I reinstall everything.

Anyhow, here's the result...


While I have the engine out, I am going to go through it and check how everything's wearing.  I hear a tapping noise when things warm up--I am hoping it is nothing serious, but this is definitely the opportunity to look things over.  I also want to figure out where my oil leak is coming from--initial examination suggests the rear main oil seal kit I installed may have failed, but the evidence is very circumstantial.  I need to get the block up on the bench to really check it out.

I'm also going to take advantage of the gaping hole in the engine bay to clean everything thoroughly.  It is amazing how just two years accumulated such crud.  Not that it's bad--but still.  I like things clean, and after everything I went though I think she deserves it.

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