Saturday, September 15, 2001

In The Interim

I got married in 1999, and Julia and I moved to Chicagoland (Schaumburg, where I was living at the time).  The Midget joined us there for the winter.  This was not a good idea, as I would find out much later.

After the coldest winter in forever, we moved to sunny Peoria, AZ.  And by sunny, I mean 120 degrees.  Wow.

The MG came along for the ride.  My father-in-law took one look at it and said, "You should get rid of that piece of s**t." (He still says that.  He's Italian.  Since it's not an Italian car, it's a piece of s**t.  Don't anyone tell him about Fiat.)

Once we settled in, I did some small stuff on the car.  I replaced the front and rear axles with a bolt on set (I still have the wire wheel axles and wheels in the attic).  Here's a couple of choice photos of that glorious time.  In the end, I think it came out pretty nice.  It made the car much more driveable as the wire wheels were getting out of true.

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