Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cutting Out the Rot

It's amazing what doing a task can teach you about doing it again.  It took me three weekends to gut the driver's side, and only half a day to gut the passenger's side.  I went even further this time as there was really nothing left holding the passenger's side A pillar to the car... so it came out too.

Boy, I hope I remember where it goes.


More pics of how much I have to do on the underside...


Out comes the floor pan.



Whoo, man.  Look at that rust.  Oh wait, you can't see it... it's rusted away!  Thanks, Wisconsin.

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Saturday, October 19, 2013


Gotta have tunes when you work.  I got this from my friend Kevin, who got it from his friend Bob, back in 1996 or something like that.  It's got an EQ and everything.  It's boss.  I plug my iPhone into it and rock out to Tarzan Boy and Huey Lewis.  A little Zeppelin, too.

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What Lies Beneath

Here's what I have left... it's not pretty.  The passenger's side took a beating some time in the distant past, and the A pillar and firewall is a mess.

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Break On Through, To the Other Side

Fall... what a wonderfully cool and pleasant time in Arizona.  It's car-fixing weather!

Now that the driver's side is basically done, it's time to move on to the passenger's side.  Here's what I've got to work with.




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