Sunday, August 20, 2017

It's a Nice Day To... Start Again

It was "only" 99 degrees in the garage this Sunday, so I spent some time sanding on the Midget.  I ended up doing more than I thought...

Yep, it's pretty much all gone.  All those hours of work.  Gone.

Why, you may ask? Well, as I was sanding to get rid of the surface rust that had started to build up, I found that there was a layer of rusty looking stuff underneath the edges of some of the filler.  As a result, I decided that I couldn't trust anything.  So off it all went.

It took me only 3 hours to remove 20 hours of work.  They say it comes off faster than it goes on... looks like they were right.

While it's not my happiest moment, at least I know I'll be starting "clean".  I have some new filler (3M's Platinum) and a gallon of wax/grease remover to ensure I start with a properly prepped surface.  I'm also going to do some body dolly work to try to even out the worst of the sheet metal defects (made progress on the driver's side) and that way I won't have quite as many sins to cover.  Once that's done, I'll apply a skim coat over the entire surface versus the spot filling I was doing.

Now, it just has to get cool enough to apply it.  It's supposed to be 107 this weekend... won't happen then.  Maybe by labor Day there will be a nice "cool" morning where it's under 80.
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