Sunday, November 22, 2015

Beautiful Back

I'm off of my car break, and back to sheet metal.  There's only one really significant thing left, and that's the back panel.  It's trashed, but I have a replacement.  The replacement is for a 1970-1979, but I'll "make it fit".


All gone.

The old, and the new.

I spend lots of time fitting, and refitting, and adjusting, and refitting.  The most challenging part is mating the panel to the rear fenders cleanly.  I have to do some cutting and welding to make everything line up, but the end result is pretty nice.  I bought "new to me" tail light assemblies off of eBay and make sure everything fits.  It takes a long time; the driver's rear quarter had been smacked in pretty good.  I do lots of pulling and straightening and fitting.  It's not perfect; I'll have to do a little filling to make things look right, but it will be 99% less filler than before.

Final test fit...

And all done.

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