Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Ready For Paint

I've finished all my touchups, including a few last minute metal fixes, and it's time to put some paint on this sucker.  I have to clean everything and wipe it down, but that is all.

I have paint, too.  ADCO Painting in Glendale is the best.  I've got everything I need. 

They color matched to the original paint sample.  It was a process...

First attempt: Close, but muddy.

Second try: Kermit the Frog Green.

Third go: Like Baby Bear, it's just right.  The blotch in the upper right corner is the matched sample.

Here's the formula:

I've even built a paint booth (or at least the frame):

Now, I wait.
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Thursday, January 11, 2018


While I puzzle out the paint situation, I decided to install some engine upgrades I've been collecting.

First and foremost: A rear main oil seal kit from Gerard's Garage. This kit will properly seal the crankshaft and keep all the oil inside.  I'll almost miss the nostalgic oil drops on the floor.  Almost.


Second: A plate that applies even pressure to the front timing chain cover, to stop those leaks too.

And last, but not least: A high-ratio, nitrided rocker arm assembly all the way from Mini Spares in Merry Olde England.  The 1.5 ratio increases valve lift (and adds a little duration), and is recommended for the cam I installed.  The old (1.28 ratio) assembly is on top, and the new one is on the bottom of the left side picture below.  On the right, you can also see the arms line up well over the valves... A little shimming did the trick.


I also checked the cam to make sure it was turning freely--when I first installed it, I wasn't satisfied.  I found a little high spot in two cam bearings, and smoothed them down.  Now, it turns smoothly.

Everything's back together and I just need to set the valve lash.  Now, I've really got something.

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To Paint or Not To Paint...

All along, my plan has been to have my neighbor friend paint the car.  He owns a collision repair shop and has done full restorations, so he's definitely qualified.  There's just one hitch in that plan, though--it's quite expensive.  A good paint job is on the order of $5,000.

While I have managed to scrape up that money (over a long time), it just hasn't sat right with me.  I mean, I've done everything else on this car--why shouldn't I paint it?  Aside from the fact that I was told the paint fumes would kill my dogs and my neighbors, that is.

A new friend at work saw a photo of the car on my desktop and asked about it.  When I told him what I was planning, he said "Hey, I paint cars.  I'd be into doing this with you."


Given that ray of hope (pun intended--his name is Ray) I started doing some research into paint.  It appears that with today's low VOC formulations, priming and painting wouldn't be toxic as long as I take precautions.  The price is lots, lots better--about $800 for top quality materials (primer, sealer, base, and clear).  The car's not that big--a gallon will do the job.  It just means more work, but I'm into that.

I can build a paint booth in my garage out of PVC pipe and sheet plastic.  With a good in line air filter and drier, I have a clean supply.  Ray's got the guns and the know-how.  I'll build a frame to hang the doors, hood, etc. for paint, and a frame to elevate the body so we can paint underneath.

I even took the sample to a paint shop and they color matched it to a Valspar paint code.  It's amazing what technology can do.

So I'm going to do it.

I can do this.

It will be great.

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