Thursday, January 11, 2018


While I puzzle out the paint situation, I decided to install some engine upgrades I've been collecting.

First and foremost: A rear main oil seal kit from Gerard's Garage. This kit will properly seal the crankshaft and keep all the oil inside.  I'll almost miss the nostalgic oil drops on the floor.  Almost.


Second: A plate that applies even pressure to the front timing chain cover, to stop those leaks too.

And last, but not least: A high-ratio, nitrided rocker arm assembly all the way from Mini Spares in Merry Olde England.  The 1.5 ratio increases valve lift (and adds a little duration), and is recommended for the cam I installed.  The old (1.28 ratio) assembly is on top, and the new one is on the bottom of the left side picture below.  On the right, you can also see the arms line up well over the valves... A little shimming did the trick.


I also checked the cam to make sure it was turning freely--when I first installed it, I wasn't satisfied.  I found a little high spot in two cam bearings, and smoothed them down.  Now, it turns smoothly.

Everything's back together and I just need to set the valve lash.  Now, I've really got something.

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