Sunday, November 4, 2018

Crossing the Finish Line

I've crossed the finish line.  Well, figuratively.  I guess I could say I crossed the grass to make it to the show.

My goal was to get Gidget on the road in time for the British Wheels On The Green show hosted by the Arizona MG Club (which I have rejoined).  I made it!  It was a great show with over 80 cars from British marques such as MG, Austin-Healey, Triumph, Jaguar, and Mini.  There were Jensen-Healeys (three!) and a couple of Lotuses (Loti?), and even a Rolls.  It was cool to see so many of these cars still survive in Arizona.

Without further ado, here's Gidget at the show!


How did I do?  Well, I was the only Midget (of two scheduled) and we needed three entrants to make a class.  So I didn't walk away with any awards, but I did get a nice mention during the awards presentation and a promise that I'd have competition next year.  I got lots of great comments on the body and paint work, on how clean everything was, and questions about how I did things.  I met some new friends and am looking forward to participating in the club.

It doesn't matter. My award was getting there and being part of the festivities.  My marathon is over.  Now I can just tinker and keep things running.  I already have a short list:

  • Fix a leaky fuel sender gasket.
  • Replace the oil pan gasket at my first fluid change.
  • Install those headlamp relays.
  • Keep trying to seal up the steering rack.
  • Fix a noisy horn contact.
  • Continue to try to realign the rear axle--that tire still rubs, and I just had a new one installed (the old one is now the spare).
  • Install the recurved distributor I have out for rebuild and retune.
  • Fix a couple of rattles that happen at just the right RPM.

But hey, that's life with a classic car.  I can live with that.

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