Sunday, January 29, 2017

Dashboard I

One of the last items to finish up before getting back to bodywork is the dashboard.  It's a metal dash and while it's in pretty good shape, it needs some work.

Here's what I have to start:

There's a crease along the bottom right of the dash that needs to be straightened out.  I did some metal work and then used "just a little" filler to smooth it all out.


Then, a once-over with a flexible sanding block and we're on our way.

I might have to wait until it's warmer to paint.  The dash is finished with a black wrinkle finish paint that needs heat to wrinkle properly.  It's "only" 65 degrees F here right now.  But I'm not complaining... it will nearly double that in 6 months.
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Splash Down

I fixed up and painted the splash guards in the front of the engine bay, that (somewhat) keep mud and crud out of the innards.

I actually bought replacements because the ones I have are pretty rusted and one has a big hole where the oil cooler lines needed to go.  The ones I bought have the holes in the right places but were shorter, made for a later year car.  So I used the originals as a template and welded in extensions to make them the right shape.

After a prime and paint, here's what one looks like... the bottom 3-4 inches are what I added.  I even creased them to match the original shape, and they fit.

I had to buy a new bracket for the passenger's side shield as well, because the one I had was absolutely mangled and I have no idea how it fit on the car (because it was very very the wrong shape).

Just one more thing (well, two more) to go in a box...
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Monday, January 23, 2017

Seats III

I finished cleaning and painting the seat backs.

From this...


To this.

They're all ready for installation.  I just need some foam to cover them (and to fix the foam in the seat cushions), and I'll be ready to assemble.  I will probably wait until I actually put the seats in the car to do that, though, since they're pretty bulky and will likely get dinged up before then.  Why risk it?

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

This One's For Uncle Mike

The British Racing Green I'm going to use to paint the Midget is pretty darned close to my Uncle Mike's favorite color...

Hunter Green.

This one's for you, Uncle Mike.
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Sunday, January 15, 2017

There Are Interesting

I picked these up off the MG Experience.  Any idea what they are?

They are brackets for a rear disc brake conversion by Creative Spridgets.  They make the brackets and provide a parts list and instructions on how to convert to disc brakes.  The rest of the parts come from the mid-90's Sentra or 200SX.  It's karmic - I used to own a 1996 200SX SE-R.

So I'm going to do it.  The parts should come to another $250 or so total.  I'll find the cash somewhere... you gotta admit, it's cool!
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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Seat Kit Return

After a lot of discussion with Kurt and others on the MG Experience, along with a call to Moss, I've decided that the seat foam kits I bought will be going back.  The shape of the seat base foam isn't right and I didn't want to risk screwing them up by modifying them.  I did get good advice that the original foams look to be salvageable, so I'll do my best to fix them and they should work OK.

Here's a pic of the original and new foam, with the seat cover.  The cover fits over the original foam but will not fit the new foam.

However, I have also determined that the seat covers I bought off of eBay (that I thought I was saving a good amount of money on) are not quite right.  The seat backs are not made properly; there needs to be a split in the lower end to allow  the seat covers to fit into them.  They're probably usable with some added vinyl (which I happen to have).  The seat bases are pretty good, though, and the foam fits properly.  Maybe there's someone out there that will find them useful.

So... the money I get back from the seat foam kits will probably go into buying new seat covers from Moss (when they have their upholstery sale in spring).
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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Seat Kit Arrival

I received the seat cushion kit today...

I'm actually not all that impressed.

I mean, they're new and better than what I have... but for $279/per, I expected something more like the original instead of just glued-together foam.  There can't be more than $50 of material in there.

I probably could have made these myself.  But, when would I have the time?  Never, that's when.  I guess that's just the way it's going to be.  As long as they fit properly under the covers and look right, they'll be fine.
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Seats II

Time to fix that rusted seat base.

The easiest way is going to be to cut out the rot and weld in a new piece... So here we go:


It fits nicely, as you can see...

The finished product:

It's not perfect, but it's solid... and I'm just going to be sitting on it anyhow.  I didn't cut out those holes because the seat kit I ordered fits the covers a little differently, and doesn't need them.  I think.

I'll clean and paint the other seat base, and then it's on to the seat backs...
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Monday, January 2, 2017

Seats I

Remember those ugly seats?

I got start started on them today.  I removed the foam cushions and seat bases, and cleaned up the frames.  Here they are after cleaning...

And after painting.  They're still drying.  I taped off the sliders and adjustment handle.  Yes, these are sophisticated seats: 1-axis adjustability!  They tip forward, too... I suppose to allow one to pretend you can get in 'the back seat'.  (Which you can have--there was a cushion made for the parcel shelf behind the seats!)


Here's a good look at the seat bases.  I definitely have to repair the one on the right.  I think the one on the left is OK.  I'll cut the metal out and weld in a replacement panel.  The rest is in good enough shape and they'll clean up OK after some scrubbing and a coat of paint.  Then I have to clean up the seat backs.

This may take a while.
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The Last Crate

It's official: I'm out of crates and bins to empty.


Here's what was in it.  The quarter windows and window tracks, speedometer cable, and a couple of cables.  Oh, and the spare tire hold down.


Now, I just need to finish those seats...
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