Sunday, January 29, 2017

Splash Down

I fixed up and painted the splash guards in the front of the engine bay, that (somewhat) keep mud and crud out of the innards.

I actually bought replacements because the ones I have are pretty rusted and one has a big hole where the oil cooler lines needed to go.  The ones I bought have the holes in the right places but were shorter, made for a later year car.  So I used the originals as a template and welded in extensions to make them the right shape.

After a prime and paint, here's what one looks like... the bottom 3-4 inches are what I added.  I even creased them to match the original shape, and they fit.

I had to buy a new bracket for the passenger's side shield as well, because the one I had was absolutely mangled and I have no idea how it fit on the car (because it was very very the wrong shape).

Just one more thing (well, two more) to go in a box...

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