Thursday, January 12, 2017

Seat Kit Return

After a lot of discussion with Kurt and others on the MG Experience, along with a call to Moss, I've decided that the seat foam kits I bought will be going back.  The shape of the seat base foam isn't right and I didn't want to risk screwing them up by modifying them.  I did get good advice that the original foams look to be salvageable, so I'll do my best to fix them and they should work OK.

Here's a pic of the original and new foam, with the seat cover.  The cover fits over the original foam but will not fit the new foam.

However, I have also determined that the seat covers I bought off of eBay (that I thought I was saving a good amount of money on) are not quite right.  The seat backs are not made properly; there needs to be a split in the lower end to allow  the seat covers to fit into them.  They're probably usable with some added vinyl (which I happen to have).  The seat bases are pretty good, though, and the foam fits properly.  Maybe there's someone out there that will find them useful.

So... the money I get back from the seat foam kits will probably go into buying new seat covers from Moss (when they have their upholstery sale in spring).

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