Sunday, April 29, 2018

Empty Boxes

I have fewer boxes of parts than when I started the weekend.  I have officially begun assembly.

Nothing fancy--just the steering rack and front suspension.  I got the passenger's side done, but the driver's side is vexing me.


I bought a lowering kit to drop the ride height about 1/2" in the front.  Here it is, installed.


The finished product, passenger's side.

Did I mention that the driver's side is vexing me?  Because it is.  For some reason, the kingpin and the damper mount don't line up properly.  The arm appears to be 1/8" forward of the correct position, and I can't bolt it up to the damper with the bushing installed.  I think the answer is that the damper is 1/8" too far back, but I can't find where any accident or other damage would have caused such a misalignment.  I had this problem before, and I "fixed" it by grinding down the kingpin to push it 1/8" back.  I could use that again, but I think the solution is to move the damper arm out 1/8" on its shaft to get the alignment correct.

But that's for another day.  For today, I am happy that I bolted stuff to the car and I found all the parts.  Hooray for me!
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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Achievement Unlocked!

The clear is on, and it is shiny.

We sprayed 4 coats of clear.  It looks pretty good so far--there's color sanding left to do, and there are a couple of areas we will have to touch up and respray.  I backed into one of the fenders while it was wet--it has to be sanded down to base coat in that spot, and re-cleared.  I also have a spot on part of the stripe where I sanded through to the green base coat trying to remove a weird mark, and we'll have to re-spray, then clear that spot.

But man, does it look nice.  And the best part is, after it cures for a week I can start assembly!

Here's a glamour shot:

First things first--the wheels.  I am particularly proud of this work.  They look fantastic.  I haven't seen anything like them anywhere.  They are Olde English White to match the stripes.


Now, the rest.  First, I striped the license plate plinth:

Then, we took the car apart, and got to work spraying the body, the wheels and the shifter cover.  Everything went back on its stand (almost--the front valance stayed on the car).


Lots, and lots of time went by spraying, waiting, spraying, waiting.  I did everything but the very first coat on the body.  I can truthfully say that I painted this car.

Here's the final product:



The best part is, my wife got her garage back.


So now I wait, letting everything cure.  Once it's fully cured, I'll start assembly, beginning with the wiring harness and then the suspension.  That will let me put the car on its wheels for the first time in 14 years.


It's going to be a long week.
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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Go Fast!

After another crazy, exhausting weekend, my car goes fast even without an engine or wheels.

I'll spare the details, and show the pictures.

First Day - Base Coat



Second Day - Touchups, Assembly and Stripes




I'm deliriously happy.  Next stop--clear coat!
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