Sunday, July 22, 2018

Fully Regulated

Some more fun this weekend... Here's what I did.

  1. Installed the door handles and locks.  I have functioning door locks for the first time in 30 years.
  2. Installed the license plate plinth.
  3. Installed the starter solenoid in its bracket.
  4. Found, fixed, cleaned and installed the trunk latch and handle.
  5. Made a flare for the clutch line, and installed the line.
  6. Installed the heater core and heater fan.
  7. Installed the battery.  (I bought a battery!)  I did a brief test of the wiring; no smoke came out.
  8. Installed the accelerator linkage, but not the pedal (because I can't find the bolts for it).
  9. Installed the window regulators.
  10. Installed the driver's side window glass and vent window.
By the way, installing the windows is a real pain in the ass.  I found an installation guide online from someone that's done this before, and they were right on.  It's on the MG Experience at  (Thanks, Norm!)  This is the only way to assemble the doors, and oh my God what a chore.  I don't know how they did it at the factory; I am beginning to believe they never actually assembled these.  I still have to install the inner felt strip, but to do that I need a special tool.  I'm going to try to find one locally so I don't have to spend the $$$ on shipping from Moss or VB.  

I will say that the window goes up and down easily and the window regulator works great, having had 50 years of crap cleaned off of it and been re-greased.

Here's the end result of the weekend:


The engine bay is essentially complete, aside from the hood pull, the wiper bottle, and (of course) the engine.

Next time, I hope to be talking about installing the drivetrain.  I need a break from windows.  More accurately, my fingers need a break.
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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Brakes and Wiring and Stuff

More progress since our last episode...

I have:

  • Installed all brake lines, master cylinder and blanking plate
  • Installed the wiper motor (it was easy)
  • Fitted the steering column (but will have to adjust)
  • Did a quick front end alignment
  • Run wiring to the voltage regulator, starter solenoid, turn indicator flasher, wiper motor, and headlight switch
  • Installed a new seal and test fitted the heater box (it's not bolted down)
  • Test fitted the heater fan (you can't see it)
  • Installed the inner door lock mechanism
Installing the front driver's brake line was a bear.  The line I had wouldn't fit no matter what I did; it was too short.  I ended up removing the steering rack and running a longer line (for which I used my flaring tool--needed it once in 20 years, and it was worth having it).  But everything fits properly now.

I found out that the clutch line I had was too rusted to reuse, so I have a new one on order.  Once I fit it and the slave cylinder, I'll fill the brake system and bleed the brakes.  (The clutch, bring hydraulic, shares the same reservoir as the brakes.)

I like being able to roll the car around and use the wheel to steer.  It's so novel!
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Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Eagle Has Landed

It's gotten pretty hot here, and we've had some distractions... but finally, FINALLY, we stand on our own two feet.  Well, four feet.  Wheels.  Oh, you get what I mean.


I have a fuel tank, working pump and fuel lines.  I have a complete rear axle except for hooking up the parking brake.  The brake line to the front has been run.  The front suspension is complete.  Front calipers are installed but brake lines are yet to be run.  I have the pedal box in place but not secured.  The steering column is fitted temporarily so I can maneuver.


Now I need to get busy on:
  • Wiring
  • Finishing brakes
  • Installing electrics
  • Installing engine/trans
  • Installing radiator and cooling lines, and heater box
  • Installing wiper motor (hey, why not)
  • Mounting carburetors
  • Installing exhaust (and making a pipe)
Then, I buy a battery, fill up with some go-juice (and oil and antifreeze and such), and turn the key.  Once the fire's been lit, it's all down to the interior, lights, doors, windshield and trim.

This may actually happen this year.
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