Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Eagle Has Landed

It's gotten pretty hot here, and we've had some distractions... but finally, FINALLY, we stand on our own two feet.  Well, four feet.  Wheels.  Oh, you get what I mean.


I have a fuel tank, working pump and fuel lines.  I have a complete rear axle except for hooking up the parking brake.  The brake line to the front has been run.  The front suspension is complete.  Front calipers are installed but brake lines are yet to be run.  I have the pedal box in place but not secured.  The steering column is fitted temporarily so I can maneuver.


Now I need to get busy on:
  • Wiring
  • Finishing brakes
  • Installing electrics
  • Installing engine/trans
  • Installing radiator and cooling lines, and heater box
  • Installing wiper motor (hey, why not)
  • Mounting carburetors
  • Installing exhaust (and making a pipe)
Then, I buy a battery, fill up with some go-juice (and oil and antifreeze and such), and turn the key.  Once the fire's been lit, it's all down to the interior, lights, doors, windshield and trim.

This may actually happen this year.

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