Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kicking Some Plates

I finally get back to the Midget in early January of 2015.  I know I could buy the kick plates for the foot wells, but I'm running a bit low on car cash and I wanted to try my hand at fabrication anyhow.  I bought a large piece of 16 gauge sheet metal, and I've got a template--the kick panel I cut out of the driver's side foot well long ago.  So I give it a go.

Measure five times, cut once, and some bending... and I think it looks pretty good.  It fits, too.  So I made the other one.



I say, "Not bad".  I even installed the nut on the back of the driver's side plate to hold the high beam switch like it should be.  Before, it flopped around a bit because it only had one nut holding it to the car.  And that nut was NOT me.

Believe it or not, that finishes off the middle of the car as far as sheet metal replacement goes.  I might be nearing 50 percent complete.  But there's plenty more to come, so stay tuned.

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