Sunday, March 8, 2015

Junk In Mah Trunk

Time for the next big job--replacing the trunk floor.  The replacement panel (BMH) comes as one LARGE piece.  So the old floor has to come out all at once.  Or in many little pieces.  Which is mostly how it happened.

The driver's side structural member was rusted out at too many key points to be salvaged, so I bought a replacement.  The passenger's side member was in fine shape, so I'll reuse it.

There is a lot to disassemble when removing the trunk floor.  The bumper stops have to come off.  The structural members that hold the trunk to the inner fender wells is attached underneath where the bumper stops go and all along the fender wells too, and of course to the floor.  The floor is also attached to braces that hold the check straps and rear dampers.  It's attached to braces inside the trunk and to the closing panels on the lower fenders (which I didn't care about, since they were trash and got cut off--it's easier if you just resign yourself to replacing them and the bottom of the rear fenders).  Finally, it's attached to the back of the car to close out the seam between the trunk and the rear body panel (fascia?  I always wanted to say 'fascia'.).

Here's the trunk, before and after some of the removal.  The center of the floor came out in one big piece, and the rest in little pieces, after hours and hours of drilling out those wonderful spot welds.


Here's an example of the fun removing the structural member from the inner fender.

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