Sunday, October 18, 2015

Engine, Part 1

I'm still not quite ready to get back to sheet metal, so I figure I can begin assembling Old 99.  Everything looks good and all the tolerances check out, so here we go!

Bare block.

In goes the crank.

Cam installed and timing set.

Front plate and pulley.

Pistons and connecting rods, ready for installation.

The pistons were fun.    In the 1275, the pin is an interference fit in the connecting rod.  I used the power of the Internet and found a way to make my own press.  A long, thick threaded bolt with two washers and grade 8 nuts, and a deep well socket (or a piece of pipe, but a 22mm works perfectly).  Some assembly lube and a 1/2" socket, a couple of hours, and voila!

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