Sunday, June 26, 2016

Wiping My... Windscreen

Since I was going through the box with brake stuff in it, I figured I'd just empty it out and see what else I had there.  I found my windscreen wiper motor.  Ugh.  Another thing I'd never taken apart and that had 50 years of gunk on it.

I figured, what the hell.


Time for cleaning.  Blasting cabinet, to the rescue!


Fortunately, there aren't a lot of things to clean.    It's pretty small.

Once all is clean and painted, it's time to reassemble.  I painted the top cover even though it wasn't originally.  I figured it would be best to have some sort of rust protection there, and I like the look.


It works, too.  Surprisingly well.

I have to clean and rebuild the wiper cable, but that's trivial.  I have new wiper wheel boxes that I bought on eBay long ago.  The end of the cable fits into the arm that attaches to the gear, and as it goes back and forth the wheel boxes turn on a worm gear, and the wipers do their thing. Simple and effective. 

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