Monday, August 22, 2016

Shaft. Ya Damn Right.

Can you dig it?

The driveshaft on the Midget was in sorry shape.  I say "was" because it's "damn right" now.

It didn't always look this good:

The universal joints were shot and about 25 years of crud (and 12 years of garage) were caked on.

So I took it apart, and the small bits went to visit Master Blaster.  The shaft got wire brushed.  It came apart rather easily once I could get the circlips out, which was a chore even with a circlip remover (that 25 years made it tough).


Then, a lick or two of paint:

I scored the universal joints off eBay for $20, quality stuff.  Note to all you listeners out there:

  • Check the needles before you get carried away to make sure they're all there and in place.  I found two sitting in the bottom of one of the cups, as-is from the manufacturer.
  • Pack in enough grease to have it oozing out when you smush everything together.  Then smush the excess out before you assemble.
  • If you paint, don't paint the insides of the holes where the U-joint cups go.  I made little sleeves out of cardboard to keep the paint off.

Since I cleaned everything meticulously and filed everything smooth, it all fit together easily.


The final result:

Tight as a drum and like brand new.

Oh yeah, look at that clean workbench.  I couldn't take it any more... I think I'll have to clean once a month.  I even scrubbed the surface with mineral spirits and washed the mat with parts cleaner.  It's as clean as it gets.

Hmm.. What next?  I've got a crate full of suspension parts... sounds like fun.

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