Sunday, February 5, 2017

Vent Windows

It's time to clean up those vent windows.

The window assemblies are in good shape, but the rubber sealing gaskets need to be replaced as they're not really sealing anything any more.  The window channel felt needs to be replaced, too.

Here's one fully disassembled, before and after cleaning.


That white stuff is the soap they used to make the gasket fit during original assembly.  It took a while to clean all that stuff out and then to polish with some MAAS metal cleaner.  I used a very little bit of soap during assembly and the gasket fit nice and neatly.  I also had to tighten the rivets on the driver's side window that hold the little swivel pin, because I bet that one got more use over 50 years.

The result:


Oh, and the other one, too:

It appears I bought the wrong window channel felt, so I'll have to re-order it.  It's cheap ($3/item) so I'm not too busted up about it.  I need the felt for the other channel too (that fits inside the door), so I'll be out about $20.  Not too bad, and they're done.

Boy, I think I just have to finish up the dash and I'm officially out of things to clean up...

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