Saturday, May 25, 2019

Going Electric (Fan)

Well, I've had my first failure--sort of.  At about 2,000 miles the water pump bearing decided to exit the premises.  The pump didn't fail--thankfully--and I got home without incident.  But man, what a disappointment, especially since I'd just flushed the cooling system.

So out came the radiator--again.  But this time, there would be a new twist when it went back in.

While the radiator was out, I also decided it was time to change over from oil to grease in the steering rack.  I had had enough of the drip-drip-drip.  However, this grease is a little different; it's called 'corn grease' and is actually like a really thick oil or runny grease.  And it's green.  I pulled the rack (I'm becoming an expert), drained the oil, and packed the rack with a few ounces of this so-called grease.  I'm happy to report no drips after the changeover.

Back to the radiator... I installed a 9" electric fan and thermostatic control, for which I made a little housing.  Total cost: $51.  That's way, way better than the $200+ that Moss and others want.  And it works.  Temp hasn't been over 195 since I installed it, even on a 100 degree day.  It kicks in at 185 or so and shuts itself off when it drops below that temp.

The water pump changeout was aniclimactic.  Take the old one out, clean the gasket mating surface, install newly painted pump, hook everything up.  No more screech and no leaks.

So, I'm back on the road until the next failure, which may be the rear main oil seal I installed.  Ugh.

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