Sunday, June 28, 2020

Engine (Re)assembly

I hope the second time is the charm with my engine.  I've got everything back together and I think she's about ready to be mated with the five speed.

I installed the new piston rings and rod bearings and got the pistons in place.  I ended up buying a new piston ring compressor as the one I have wouldn't cinch up well (probably from being compressed in the drawer for too long).  I measured all the gaps at .008-.009", right on target.  It was a struggle, but everything did go together properly.  With the pistons installed and the rod caps torqued down, things are tight but turn smoothly.

Then it was on with the sump cover and oil pickup, install and torque down the head and do a cold set of the rocker clearances, and all done.

I still have to relocate the clutch slave cylinder and measure clearances as recommended by the install guide. To do the latter, I have to bring the hoist into play and mount the flywheel and clutch.  There are specific tolerances for the clutch and throwout bearing to work together.  Then the starter goes on, the trans mates to the engine, and the whole thing goes in the car.  Exciting times are ahead!

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