Sunday, January 31, 2016

Fender Fun, Part 1

I spent my day today tidying up some stuff and getting the front wings to fit properly.  They're close, but not perfect yet...

I did work to get the nuts in the right spot and the bolts to go into them.  Tightened down, everything is flush and gaps look pretty decent.

I did do a little surgery on the passenger's side A post, pushing the bottom of the skin back about 1/4" to get a better gap on the front of the door.  It's much better for the door gap and the fender.  I'm not done making it look pretty, but it is better than it looks in the picture.  I did botch it up a bit, though, I admit.


I set the new, beautiful bonnet in place and found two things:

  1. It's glorious.
  2. It doesn't fit very well.
I'm hoping it's just some growing pains, getting everything lined up.  It is weird, seeing something with paint on the car... I forgot what that looks like.

NOTE: I fixed comment postings so they actually work.  Not that I expect the whole world is watching, but you never know.

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