Sunday, January 24, 2016

They Close, Too

I spent time today fitting the windscreen and seeing if I can get the doors to latch.  Of course, I had to find the parts for the doors... which weren't where I thought they'd be (even though I reorganized all my parts not too long ago).  But I did find them.  I even did a good job when I tore it all apart, as the pieces for each door were together in nice little bags.

So after some cleaning and finagling, and fabricating a couple of extra shims for the strikers, the doors close and latch.  I had saved the old rubber for the door jambs, so things close nice and tight like they will when I have new rubber bits.


Open... and closed.


Things don't line up exactly like they did before.  But, everything is pretty close--close enough that I'll probably be the only one who notices, or cares.  It looks like the A post for the passenger's side is a little too low underneath where the windscreen attaches, by about 1/4".  But it's close enough, and I "made it fit" with my trusty Dremel to make holes a bit bigger.

What matters is that the doors and vent windows line up against the windscreen and there aren't any odd gaps.

My daughter told me that "it's starting to look like a car again".  I think so, too.

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