Sunday, March 26, 2017

Dash Done

I've been quiet on the Midget front for a few weeks, but I did manage to squeeze in finishing up the dashboard.

I had ordered some wrinkle finish paint from Eastwood (as that's what I used last time) and it took them a month to decide it was no longer available.  So I went with the Rustoleum version that I had bought and rejected as 'too wrinkly'.  It appears that it was just operator error, as I repainted the radio console with it and it looks pretty darned good.

So I painted the dash, and it came out great!  This isn't the best picture, but you see what I mean...

I really like the way the green (that's Hunter Green) highlights the instrument cluster.  It's gonna look awesome in the car.

Now, I just need the car to look awesome...


  1. Steve, thanks for the reading and insights of things to come! I've just spent the last couple of evenings catching up on the whole history. Looking forward to paint!


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