Sunday, April 30, 2017

Transmission 2: Electric Boogaloo

I haven't done much with the Midget this past month, but something I have been wanting for a long time finally arrived from Malaysia (!) this week...

That is a 5-speed transmission from a 1979 Datsun 210.  I found it online in January in Malaysia, of all places, and it finally got here after taking the slow, slow boat (shipping was less that way--DHL wanted over $200--and I was in no hurry).  The 5-speed fits without modification in the Midget transmission tunnel.  The gearing is similar 1-4, and 5th gear is like an overdrive.  Oh, and 1st gear has a synchro, so no grinding 1st gear!

Between this and the 3.9 diff, I should be able to cruise at 70 at around 3500 RPM.  As is, it would run at about 4500 RPM at 70.  It sounded like a swarm of angry bees going down the highway.

I won't do anything with it at the moment, other than smile and wish I could.  But these are getting really hard to find, so having it is awesome.  I'll need to buy a conversion kit to install it (and almost certainly do a rebuild, even though the seller sent me video of it functioning).  That will be $$$ I would rather spend on paint.  Which is going to happen this year.  I swear it.

But still, yay!!!


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