Sunday, April 30, 2017

A Couple Of Things

While waiting for the transmission, I also ordered and found a couple of other things:

Seat covers from Moss...

And an original radiator from a '65 Sprite, that doesn't leak.  The original cores are apparently preferred because their piping is larger and does a better job than the modern American re-cores.  A little cleaning and a flush and it's ready to go.  I'll keep my other one as a spare to be fixed if I need it someday.

I bought the seat covers because I didn't like the fit of the ones I bought off of eBay, and they were on sale.  I will see if someone else can use the eBay covers.  The seat back doesn't fit right, but the base does and is more prone to wear anyhow... so maybe someone can use them at the right price.

So, I haven't been totally idle--but I really would like to finish the body work.  It's really too hot now, so I might have to wait until fall.  Sad!

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