Sunday, September 10, 2017

It's Filler Time!

As previously mentioned, it's cooled down just enough for me to consider getting back to body work.  So I decided, why not?

I spent some time straightening and removing high spots in the metal on the rear fenders, doors, and driver's side front fender before trying again.  I also fixed the passenger's door so it didn't wobble up and down when you leaned on it.

I learned a lot about heat-shrinking metal while I worked on the rear fenders.  The area by the door was thin, had bulges and would "oil-can" (pop in and out like the top of an oil can).  After heat-shrinking the metal was nice and tight, and much closer to the right shape.

This time, I'll skim coat pretty much the entire car and make things nice.

I got a start on the drivers side...

This time, it's much closer with less effort.  Not bad for a first go.

By noon, it was too hot to continue... so I'm hoping it cools off again this weekend.  Lows of 76 degrees on Sunday sound promising.

My goal is to have the filler work done by mid October so I can schedule primer and paint work.  I WILL get this car done!

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