Sunday, September 17, 2017

Pedal Problems

I've run into one small problem.  The replacement floor pans I installed have a depression in the floor (like the original), but the depression is centered and not offset.  The result: The gas pedal doesn't fit.

After some discussion on the MG Experience, I decided I'd make a small shelf that would allow the pedal to bolt in where it belongs.  The alternative was to switch to a later style "hanging" pedal, but that doesn't look right to me.

So, I made a template out of cardboard:


Then I replicated it in metal, fit the pedal where it needed to be, and welded nuts to the underside so I could bolt it down once the shelf was welded in place.


Then, I welded it in place:

Now, the pedal fits where it should.  At least, I think it fits there.  Boy, I hope it's right.  I went from measurements folks gave me. The pedal has the right amount of travel and moves easily, so I think I'm in the right spot.

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