Sunday, October 1, 2017

Making Dust

I feel like all I do is make dust when I work on the Midget these days.  I put on filler, then I sand most of it off.  However, this time I feel like I actually did something right.

I had purchased some guide coat paint a while back and I finally broke open the package today.  It's neat.  It's like spray paint but comes out in a very fine mist, just enough to make it look dirty.  Then,  you sand.  The spots that look dirty when you're done sanding are low spots that need filler.

I used it on the fender and the door, and have successfully removed all the low spots with no high spots anywhere.  It's a nice, even surface and should be ready for primer after sanding with 180 grit.

I did work a little on the A post and the rear deck, just to get started there... so far, not bad.

Maybe I can finally work on some other part of the car now. :)

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