Sunday, December 10, 2017

Even Closer...

I'm almost there.  Really.

I got filler on the passenger's fender and the front valance, and did the first pass of blocking it down.  I filled some low spots and have to sand them, but then I'm down to touchups and final sand with 180 grit... and I'm "done".  I use quotes because at that point I get my painter friend to look things over and point out the hundreds of mistakes I made.  Not that I think I made that many, to be honest... I either did it pretty well or totally screwed up.  I think I got it pretty much right.

I'm hoping that I can finish up my final touchups next weekend, and then work out the plan to get the body into paint over the holiday.

I'm so, so close!  I want this done so I can get to the fun stuff, like putting the thing together.

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