Sunday, November 26, 2017

Getting Closer

In this week's episode, I have made significant progress...
  • I finished sanding, cleaning up and fitting the new-to-me driver's side fender;
  • I mounted the front valance with all new bolts;
  • I reinstalled the bonnet (with new bolts);
  • I aligned the fenders, bonnet and front valance;
  • I got a really good start on the filler work on the bonnet. 
Here's what I have done, starting with aligning everything...

And finishing with the bonnet in filler.

There's still a high/low spot in the lower-middle part of the bonnet where I sanded all the way through, but it's pretty close for a first pass.  This was 12 hours of work on Friday and Sunday to get everything lined up properly.  I got extra time over the holiday as reward for a good deed. :)

Next time, I should have the bonnet finished and the passenger's fender and front valance in filler.  I don't think I need to get as crazy with the passenger's side.  We'll see.

After this, I'll sand the whole car in 180 grit, fix some spots I know I'll find, and then I can call the painter!  After I fit the front spoiler, that is...

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