Saturday, February 13, 2016

Bonnet Bulge Be Gone

Well, what do you know... I made it fit.


I did what the Internets suggested and spent some quality time re-arching the wings.  I did this by bolting them in place securely, getting out my trusty dead blow hammer, and beating on them from the inside.  After about 4 hours of messing around (beat/close/frown/open/repeat), it fits really well.... best of all three.  It closes nicely, has decent gaps, and doesn't rattle around in front like the old one did.  It turns out I have nice new bonnet stops (well, 11 year old new bonnet stops) and they adjust nice and easy.

I am really happy with how it fits; just a little filler to even things out and it will look great.

It opens, too...

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