Saturday, February 13, 2016

Just a Little Filler

Greatest Years Sports Cars told me that the bonnet had "just a little bit of filler" to even out a low spot in the middle.  Well, the filler cracked while I was persuading the bonnet to fit.  That is what we in the amateur car restoration world call Not A Good Sign.

I figured I'd go ahead and clean it off since I'd have to do that anyway now... but there's more than just a little filler there.



It looks like about 1/4" of filler at its worst.  (Actually, it is.  I measured.)

I'm not surprised it cracked.  You can't lay filler that thick on a surface that will flex and expect it to hold its shape without cracking.  The funny thing is that it was pretty easy to pound the low spot out (up?) and get things pretty even.  It will still need filler, but now just a little bit.  Like I said in my last post.

But you know what... I am still really happy with it.  No complaints.

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