Sunday, February 28, 2016

Celebration Time

I spent the morning making the driver's side door fit better.  I welded a roughly 1/8" bead to the bottom and the back of the door (where it meets the rear fender, that is).  Some grinding and smoothing later, and it fits rather nicely.  It's not as nice as the passenger's side, but I'll be the only one to notice (or anyone who reads this).

The astute observer might notice something else about this picture.  Namely, that the rear fender doesn't have any black paint on it.  Why is that, you ask?  Because I'M SANDING THE BODY.  That's because I'm done cutting stuff off of the body and welding stuff on to the body and plugging holes in the body.  I have to make a couple of brackets, and I'm sure I'll find a couple of spots that clean up best with a weld or two, but I'M FREAKING DONE WELDING!

That calls for a celebration.

Here's a start at sanding off the rust and stuff from the driver's side.  It's.. dare I say it... glorious.

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