Saturday, March 5, 2016

Daniel-San Had It Easy

Having exposed The Pig (Black Beauty) for what she really is, I consoled myself by sanding down the passenger's side and the rear of the car.  It looks pretty good.  There won't be very much filler on the body at all.  This pleases me.

But wow, is it gonna take a while to sand down everything else.
  1. Most of the underside of the body is all primered but some areas in the engine bay need to be stripped and re-sanded (there is STILL oil seeping out of the frame, can you believe it?)  
  2. The cockpit needs to be at least sanded and smoothed out before another coat of primer can be applied, and there are a couple of spots I want to pretty up a bit.  
  3. The trunk needs to be sanded, inside and underneath.  Not necessarily to bare metal, but it's got to be able to take a coat of primer.
  4. I have to remove the front wings (sorry, fenders) and sand their insides.
  5. I have to sand the rest of the firewall and the outside of the foot wells.
  6. I want to tidy up the rear inner fender wells, so they get sanded too.
  7. I still have to fix and sand the front valance (where the grille fits).
  8. And The Pig needs work.
And there are plenty of nooks and crannies that will need attention by hand.

Then I can begin with filler.  I am really pleased with the metal work I did, though.  Most of the panels are straight and will need little more than a skim coat to smooth things out.

Oh, and I can't wait forever since the car is now freshly sanded bare metal and therefore a prime breeding ground for rust.  Thank goodness it's very dry in Arizona.  Even if it rains it will be easy enough to clean off any rust that tries to take root.  But I'll have to re-sand everything before it gets primered.

I'm telling you, "sand-a-floor, Daniel-San" was probably easier for him, and took less time.

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