Thursday, March 3, 2016

Under the Bondo

I sent the Black Beauty bonnet out for cleaning.  The folks at The Stripping Shop in Glendale, AZ did a fine job, though they didn't take all of the filler off (they said they didn't want to beat it too hard and risk warping it, which is fine with me).  There's not much there anyhow.  They cleaned up a few other bits too, like the hood hinges and some other small panels and brackets that go under there somewhere.  Only $80 for the hood (inside and out) and $100/hr for other bits.  I highly recommend them if you're driving through and feel like having part of your car stripped of paint by something other than the desert sand.

It's not that bad, really.  I can work with this.  The most important thing is that the front of the bonnet is totally solid, on top and underneath.  There are a couple of pinholes I can fix or even leave alone since the whole bonnet's going to get a skim coat of filler to smooth it out.

So close... so very close...

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