Saturday, March 26, 2016

More Fender Filler

I spent some more quality time with body filler today.  I'm learning... not too much hardener, put on more than you need (but not too thick) and sand it down so you only have to do it once.  I've got most of the back of the car done now.  I'll have to go over a few spots with Metalglaze but it's probably good enough to take a coat or two of primer before any finishing work is done.

I will say that I am glad I bought a gallon (well, 0.8 gallon) of Rage.  I've used quite a bit just learning what not to do.  I've been much stingier with the Metalglaze though.  Most of what you see is the Rage and the darker green is the Metalglaze.


Remember way long ago, when I found the gallon of filler on the rear of the car?  Look at the difference new sheet metal makes.  There is very little left to do to the rear valance.  I have to do some work around the trunk under the lid but it doesn't have to be perfect, because that's what the trunk lid is for.  And to keep rain and the raccoons out, of course.


Next stop is the doors, and then the front fenders.  I've still got the front valance to fix, but I bought a dent puller that should do the trick.  And of course, there's The Pig.

I am very sore.  This was about 6 hours of continuous work.  But, it's the worst of it (aside from The Pig).  I really should start exercising again.

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