Sunday, April 3, 2016

More Mud Slinging

I'm making rather good progress now.  I had to spend some unplanned time fixing the driver's door; it cracked by the latch.  It was cracked before and I thought I'd fixed it, but this time I fixed it good with 16 gauge sheet metal.  I also had to fix up the driver's side A post up where the windshield is attached, and it looks really nice now.  I have to do the same to the other side but it's a small job.

I've worked my way forward to the A post and firewall.  The back half of the car is basically done, including the area under the trunk lid.  I've got a little bit of work to do in a couple spots (low spot on rear passenger's side by the trunk lid, low spot on rear driver's side fender, bottom of driver's side door), but other than that it's all ready for a pass with 180 grit.

There looks like an awful lot of filler, but with few exceptions it's all 1/16" thick or less.


One benefit of all this sanding is that I am hand sanding the entire car, so it stays nice and shiny and not rusty.

I've got to start figuring out how I'm going to primer this thing.  I'm thinking I won't get there before it gets too hot.  I may have only 2 weekends left before it's 95, and that's too hot for filler and paint.  Maybe I can work early in the morning while it's still 80.

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