Sunday, April 24, 2016

Wing Welding Fun

Short day today.  So I finished up Frankenbonnet by welding in the mount for the prop rod clip, and straightened out a couple of low spots. It looks really good, if I may say so myself.

I also tackled the front driver's side fender where it didn't quite fit properly after my last attempt to straighten it out.  I basically removed what I had done and welded in new metal.  I am really happy with the result, and even a little proud.  It looks just like the other side and the gaps are now nice and even.



For reference, here's a before/after shot of the driver's side fender and how much better it is.  Sooooo much better.


I'm getting there.  A couple of minor touchups with the welder, a little work on the front valance, and I'm back to filler, if the weather holds out.  This is the weekend I get to myself when the girls go to Astro Camp, so I'd really like to get the entire car done and ready for fine sanding.

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