Sunday, April 3, 2016

Pieces and Parts

Along the way, I've been finding some luck on eBay.  I have bought:

  • Vinyl seat kit (with white piping)
  • A NOS Robbins convertible top with all the fittings
  • Triplex window glass for driver and passenger
I figure I've saved about $750 just on those three items.  I was really sweating buying the seats and the top.  I still need wiring and carpet and panels, but I have a lead on the wiring and I figure I can make my own panels since I kept all the originals and have enough black crush grain vinyl to cover a house.  A small house.  The carpet... while I could have it fabricated, it would probably cost me less to just buy it.  I want really nice carpet, like wool.  It will be expensive--like $500--but it will last forever compared to the cheap poly loop stuff I had before, which literally vaporizes in the Arizona sun.

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