Monday, April 11, 2016

Rain, Rain, Go Away (On Sundays)

No progress on the Midget this weekend.  It rained all day Sunday (which we desperately needed!) and I didn't want to mess around with filler while the humidity was so high, or risk water splashing onto the car.  It's probably going to rain this Sunday, too, so I'm not sure if I'm going to get any more work done on the body this spring.

I has a sad.

I fiddled with The Pig a bit, and I'm beginning to think I can't straighten it out enough to meet my OCD standards.  It flexes way too much and the entire middle section is weak.  I am contemplating sectioning off the front 8-10 inches of the bonnet and grafting it onto the other bonnet I have stripped, of which all but the front couple of inches is perfect.  (I wish I could still find a front bonnet repair patch panel, but they haven't made them for years--the only way to get a patch is to sacrifice another bonnet.)

I bet I could do it and it would look good, and then I'd have almost no filler at all on the bonnet.  It's probably 6-8 hours of work, though.  I definitely want to sort out the bonnet before I finish up the front wings so I can get all the gaps correct.

This definitely would push me into 'primer in the fall' territory.  Oh well.  That gives me time over the summer to sort out the transmission and start cleaning up other parts.

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