Sunday, November 13, 2016

Rear Axle Reassembly

Now that I've got parts and the carburetors are basically done, it's time to work on the rear axle.  All I needed were the new axle bearings to get started.

So, let's start with those, installed in the hubs.

Note that I was smart and marked one with 'PA' for 'passenger side', so they go back where they came from.  Same with the axle shafts, because those have stresses from use that could cause the shaft to snap if installed the other way round.

Then I installed the end plates for the brakes, and installed the differential.  It fit nicely and I think it won't leak, which is nice.

Then, I installed the axles.  First, the hub itself with its nut and locking washer...

Then the oil seal...

Followed by the gasket...

And finally, the axle shaft.

I did the other side, and it's all done.  It's nice and smooth to turn and the lash seems good (1-2 degrees turning the input before the axle spins).  I'm hoping it works OK.

I still have to install the parking brake pieces, but I have all of that stuff (minus a couple of clevis pins, which are cheap and I'll buy as part of a rather large order I hope to place in the next couple of weeks).

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