Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sorting Stuff

I have mentioned that I'm running out of things to sort through.  Well, I found a bunch of bags that says I was lying.

I was looking for the nuts and washers to bolt the carbs together, and I found a bag of nuts and bolts... than another... then the box with all of the interior trim... and wouldn't you know it, I had a bunch of things to sort out.

So I did it.

I never did find those nuts. I had to buy new ones.  But I did find a whole bunch of little parts, including the bolts for the windows and the knurled nuts for the gauges, along with the washer nozzles and pretty much everything that's chrome on the car aside from the grille and bumpers.

Now it's all packed away.

Maybe now I can tell the truth when I say there's not much left to sort.  There is one more crate of interior parts like the quarter windows and other sundry items, and that appears to be all there is.

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