Tuesday, December 6, 2016

More Parts!

Christmas came early for me this year... I was able to place a parts order for what I think is everything I need to finish the car, aside from painting it, that is.


I do mean everything.  Big stuff like mufflers and oil coolers, carpet, interior panels, door locks, and seat belts to little things like clevis pins for the parking brake, chrome screws for the tonneau cover hold-down, you name it.

The panel kit's not here yet, but it won't be long.  The rest is all tucked away nicely and waiting for the big day.

Tom's Import Toy Sales is awesome.  They worked with me to correct misordered parts and were able to do better than the Moss sale pricing, meaning I got 25% off this pile.  That's real money.  I enthusiastically recommend them!  I did have to order a few things from Victoria British because they weren't available from Moss (like those clevis pins) but that's small stuff.

Now, if I can just get a paint job, I'll be in business.  I guess I need to work on finishing up the body.

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