Thursday, December 29, 2016

We Have You Surrounded

Today, I got to work on the vinyl side of life.

I finished covering all of the surround pieces.  Here's the finished product.

First up was those little filler pieces.  I started with those because it would take the least amount of effort to strip them if I screwed them up.  But I didn't!

I think they look pretty good.  The holes are where the screw goes to hold them in place.  There is a clip on the back as well.

Since I was on a roll, I took on the door trim pieces.  Here's the driver's side done, and in place on the door.  The top piece is the old vinyl, and the bottom is the finished product.


Now that the easy stuff was out of the way, I tackled the rear surround piece.  This was the hardest of the lot given its size and shape.  Just getting it and the vinyl coated in adhesive without making a big mess was a victory.  But after an hour of work (most of it spent wrapping the vinyl around the ends and making it look good), it was done.  It looks "pretty good", which is not "great" because I'm picky.  But it is waaaaay better than the ugly that it was.


Finally, I worked on the front "crash pad".  The original foam isn't great, but I managed to piece it back together and fill a couple of defects with "foam dust" from filing the foam down to even out the shape.  It's decent.

Once I put the vinyl on it, it looked 'pretty good'.  Again, not 'great' because the foam is old and a bit lumpy.  But it's still lots better than it was before, and I bet I'm the only one that will think it's not 'great'.

Again, here's the final product... All in all, not a bad job.

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