Tuesday, August 14, 2018

STOP! (In The Name Of Something)

I cleaned the brake lights, installed new bulbs, and installed them.  When I step on the brakes, I get nice, bright brake lights.

Note that the body of the light acts as the ground.  If you don't ground it properly (is in, metal-to-metal contact), you end up feeding back through another path for the ground.  In this case, it was the turn indicator.  I'll have this 'problem' with the front turn indicators, too.

I also noticed that the hot lead for the brake light switch is run to the 'switched' fuse in the fuse block.  This seems like a Bad Thing.  So, I ran the lead to the 'hot' fuse.  Now, my brake lights work even when I have the key off.

I also have everything else hooked up (except the wipers and the fuel gauge).  The wire to the wiper motor appears to have been run to the wrong place in the harness; instead of going to the fuse block, it goes to the dash harness.  So I'll have to make a junction to power the wipers and the fuel gauge.

When I bump the starter, it turns!  I have dash lights!  I have (rear) parking lights!  I don't yet have turn signals or headlights, though.  Once I get the engine running, I'll button up the engine bay and then install the wings, which have the headlights and front turn indicator/parking lights.

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