Sunday, August 5, 2018

(Wind) Shields Up!

More work that's not quite installing an engine...

  • Installed the windshield (windscreen for you Brits out there)
  • Installed sun visors (I don't know what Brits call them)
  • Fit the accelerator pedal (found the bolts)
  • Fit the footwell and defroster vents
  • Installed the passenger's side window
  • Bled the braking system
  • Installed new parking brake rods and hooked up the parking brake
So my car can now stop in two ways, and I won't get bugs in my teeth.  All I need is to make it go.


For some reason, the fitting I made for the clutch line is leaking.  I'll have to make a new fitting.  And it turns out that putting the pistons in backwards in the master cylinder lets all of the brake fluid out.  I'll remember that for the next time I do this, which will be never.  But the brakes work great; a high and hard pedal that's even better than I remember.

Oh, so close...  next up after the engine is:
  • Finish wiring the ignition system and gauges, which means I need to install the dash, so I have to install the dash crash pad and tonneau fittings
  • Install cooling system and oil cooler
  • Fit carburetors
  • Make exhaust pipe and install exhaust
  • Fill with fluids
  • Light the fire

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