Saturday, August 25, 2018


I drove my car today.

I. Drove. My. Car. Today!

To get this far, I had to install the dashboard so I could install the temperature and oil pressure gauge.  To do that, I had to install the crash pad and tonneau snaps.  I fixed the fuel and coolant leaks.  I fit the turn indicator switch and cowl, and hooked up the gas pedal. I installed the exhaust system, too.

I also had to fix the windscreen so it fit properly on the passengers side, so I could close the door (and bolt it down in the center).

I sat on the base of the seat, not bolted down even, and tootled up the street.  The car makes some funny noises... or maybe it's been too long.  I also have a major exhaust leak which means I need a new pipe.

One thing I am concerned about is that the passenger's side wheel is about 1/4" closer to the edge of the fender than the drivers side.  It looks like it's not centered.  I don't know if it can be adjusted.  It does fit, and nothing rubs, so maybe that's just the way it's going to be.

Since I installed the dash, I put the switches in and the fuel gauge too.  (The gauge works!)  I have to install the choke cable and the heater switch... and the tach and speedo, of course.

Oh, and I have wipers. :)

There's tons of work left to do... but I am super duper excited!

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